Mimi’s Creation Baskets

“It’s not the items, it’s the package, presentation of the basket you’re paying for.”

– Mimi’s Creations Baskets CEO

What Mimi’s Creations Do

We fill in the gap of gifting to that one great friend, relative, family member or a kind gesture to a loved one especially at time like now where it calls for kindness. gentleness, love name it, list is endless…

Minimum is $120 dollars. You can spend as much as you hope.

The point is to bring the creation tailored to the individual, family and/or youth interests, choices, preferences. Name it!

Delivery is available at a fee based on radius; You can pick up the package; or we can mail it out within / out of state as-well.

Minimum For Creation Basket


To recreate personal touch in a touchless environment through personalized care baskets, tailored to the individuals interest, colors, themes, and or special event.


At Mimi’s Creation Baskets, we strive to conserve the environment and save mother earth by using recycled or recycle bags and baskets. We will prepare your gift basket and deliver it to the recipient per your instructions.

Email: and / or Phone: 612- 512-9146

66 thoughts on “creations

  1. Mimi’s Creations put together a beautiful personalized basket for a baby shower for me with a focus on the mom-to-be. It was so wonderful and tailored to her and mama loved it. I had such a positive experience all around and will definitely utilize their services in the future for other occasions.


  2. Mimi creation baskets does an awesome job. Just share briefly what you have in mind and their creativity will surprise even your gifts recipient. I have ordered several gifts for different people and I mean, their work is incredinle!!!


  3. My package was tastefully selected. I could feel the thought and time that it took to be put together. It had a little bit of something for everyone in the family. What was most impressive is that I finally got to give my spouse a meaningful gift. From the look of his face, I nailed it this time for sure. All credits to Mimi Creation Baskets. To top it all, my package was delivered to Kenya! It was so amazing. I’m so in awe. Thank you so much for your efforts. The value of what I received is way beyond the package. God bless and enlarge this initiative. Keep putting smiles on people’s faces in this trying season and beyond ❤


  4. Mimi creations thank you so much for the beautiful basket for my daughter am filled with the love you have when selecting the gifts. I received my package all the way to Kenya keep up the good job.


  5. Mimi creation does a beautiful job and each gift is unique and memorable. I love the service and product. I am a happy customer.


  6. Surprise!! Surprise!!!
    Thanks fir the wonderful gift from a wonderful friend
    ‘What you do unto others it will surely be done unto you’
    Thanks Mimi basket it’s wonderful
    I love 💕 everything in it


  7. Well done!
    The wedding gift was super and thoughtful gift and the message especially on the box “family gathers here” for sure it does
    Mimi creation super super ,keep it up.barikiwa


  8. The birthday gift basket full of gifts was awesome.Wrapped with alot of TLC- Tender Loving Care.The parcel arrived just in time despite the small hundle that made it to be RTS.It was resent and i got it after just 2 days.Keep up the good service💗


  9. Ooh Mimi’s creation!!! That was a beautiful gift basket for my daughter and I. Thank you so much! We loved everything in it. The idea of including books blew my mind. It’s something she will always treasure and pass on to others. Dr. Seuss Once said “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Thank you and keep spreading the love with what you are doing. God bless you!!


  10. I love mimi creation l got something so cute and I will definitely come back for more she even tho she did not put it in the bag I wanted She put it in something So much cuter🥰 thank you so much


  11. Thank you so much for an awesome gift on my birthday/ graduation. The basket was well packaged and presented with nice stuffs. The gifts inside suits the occassion(s). Good job mimi baskets.


  12. I received a Mimi’s creation basket as a surprise gift. I am in awe. I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful colors of the basket. Such nice quality. The contents were self care items that I will use often. My heart was full of joy and my cup is over flowing. Thank you Mimi’s creation.


  13. Bravo mimi collection. You did an amazing job when you come through for me, when I needed to honor someone so special to me. I toured soo many stalls looking for a gift for my special friend, came to a dead end, when I contacted mimi collection my package gift was done in 2 days, it was not just a breather but my mind was blown away by the creativity. There was a price for it but I could never but the value of your Job. May God open door for you my dear sister. What God has for you is greater than your imagination, you are blessed beyond measure. Baraka!!!


  14. Bravo Mimi collection, you do a great job when one is in need, God bless you and your work 👏👏👏🙏🙏


  15. The joy of my mom opening her gift package was overwhelming. She was so excited. I highly recommend mimicreations basket. You created a mark mama will never forget.


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